DANCEFUSION® Dr. Fogarassy’s trademark and its variants listed below are some of the most attractive new words ever innovated and also the most imitated for unlicensed uses. Please don’t be distracted from the unique world beyond the Gate by the warnings to imposters, counterfeiters, plagiarizers, infringers, common thieves of Fogarassy’s intellectual property as seen on-line and off. You may see these unlicensed users for the last time before their impending Judgment Day… but first:
WELCOME! This is Your Country’s or Special Region’s Official English Language Website, THE GATEWAY to the FOGARASSY PRODUCTS and SERVICES under the Trademarks/Service Marks: DANCEFUSION®, FUSION DANCE®, FUSIONDANCER® and FUSION® (from which the others were derived).
TRANSLATE this Web Page into your native language (if other than English) and it will be posted here under your name for the benefit of your people. Until then, links to synopses in more and more languages will be available on page 3.

HOW CAN YOU OBTAIN the products and services? INVITE Dr. Fogarassy to give you workshops, lecture-performances, master classes at your location, and he will show you and explain it to you in person. For CONTACT INFORMATION read this Web Page to the end. Then, for descriptions, follow the product links.
BEFORE YOU READ ANY FURTHER it is imperative for you to understand that the above FOGARASSY TRADEMARKS/SERVICE MARKS DO NOT MEAN ANY “FUSION” OF DANCE. IT IS BECAUSE “FUSION” WHEN APPLIED LITERALLY IS DEADENING TO CULTURAL AND ARTISTIC DIVERSITY! Fogarassy’s application is merely symbolic, that is what the many imitators so badly misunderstood, that is why nobody can capture THE REAL THING unless they came to the one and only original source, Fogarassy and his licensed* associates! *Recognized by the “®Fogarassy License” sign.
In other words: forms, techniques and styles, like the people who created them, are not obscured by genocidal “fusion,” but interrelated for variety, clarity and contradistinction in teaching and performance. It is like different people’s collaboration for the common good.

The non-dictionary, compound word trademarks were born during the 1979-1980 academic year at Southwest Minnesota State University, Marshall, Minnesota, U.S.A. That is when Dr. Gusztav Fogarassy, Ph.D., Professor of Dance Forms, Aerobics and Theatre Movement (including Teacher Training and Performance) applied the symbolic meaning of his San Francisco State College, 1966 Civil Rights choreography, FUSION (a historical dance first) to his novel theory and practice of cultural and artistic diversity, freedom and equality through the forms of dance and related movements. After 28 years as Professor at SMSU, 1970-1998, Dr. Fogarassy is now an independent Professor under his own service mark of VIRTUAL UNIVERSITY OF DANCE®SM. [FOR DETAILS READ TO THE END OF PAGE.]
Did you know that the purpose of a trademark is to contradistinguish its owner’s goods and services from that of others? The unlicensed users of the Fogarassy marks derail potential customers to their own products’ on-line or off-line location, therefore, are liable to pay triple damages, court costs and lawyers’ fees for violating the mark’s contradistinction and capitalizing on the fame and good will its legal owner built up in it.
If it does make a difference to you how you consummate this really hot welcome…

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