STOP TERRORISM EDUCATIONALLY, BEFORE IT STOPS YOU! A breakthrough innovation in the movement arts and behavioral sciences involving diversified dance and related movement by Dr. Gusztav Fogarassy, Professor. As Pro Se Attorney International he prosecutes cybersquatters, typosquatters, infringers and plagiarizers. In particular, those who descriptively or generically imitate his merely symbolic, non-descriptively applied trademarks: FUSION®, FUSION DANCE®, DANCEFUSION®, FUSIONDANCER® and related intellectual property, on-line and off. They interject themselves--with their misleading, libelous imitations--between his life saving program and the populations it was designed to serve. He recommends their being legally and/or academically sanctioned for intellectual terrorism, a mentally lethal type of terrorism he was first to research and identify as being just as destructive in its own way as conventional terrorism. Download the crucial newsletter information about his NATIONAL DEFENSE DIVERSITY TRAINING program available today, in your country! Book now to adopt it in whole or in part and start saving lives and both physical and intellectual property. If you procrastinate, later may be too late.

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