When you buy the Fusiondancer® trademarked legwarmer you do not become a "fusiondancer" or a "legwarmer." You just buy and wear my legwarmer, you do not become the trademark or the product itself. Likewise, you do not "perform" fusion, dancefusion, or fusiondance but perform or otherwise use the dance materials offered by various tradenames (such as Globalmoves, jazz dance, ballet, hip hop, ethnic dance, or other dance forms and/or their stylistic and technical elements) under these trademarks. Do not confuse "Fusion" with choreology and choreography. A "Fusion" of dance forms is not possible because, among other reasons, of field-dependent footwear (or lack of it), apparel, psycho-somatic specificity, and other performance needs and determinants that each form requires for its proper execution. Your exoteric or esoteric mixtures or natural environmental evolutionary adaptations are not "Fusion". To learn more about other reasons click on the Lecture Demonstration: Dance Misdescribed as "Fusion" Or read this article about warnings and read paragraph four and other applicable paragraphs.