Researching Cultural and Artistic Diversity needs in Hungary and the USA during and after his last sabbatical leave from Southwest Minnesota State University, Marshall, Minnesota, contributed to Dr. Gusztav Ujfalusi Fogarassy (Dr. Varga), Ph.D., Professor's decision to honorably retire from his State employment of 28 years as winner of the 1998 Dance Education Teacher of The Year MAHPERD* Award (*Minnesota Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance), and become independent under the above name and associated FOGARASSY DANCE company names as listed below.
In 1966 for the first time in the history of dance, Dr. Fogarassy associated the term FUSION with the term DANCE in a civil rights choreography titled "Fusion" in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Bachelor of Arts degree at San Francisco State College, later named a university. There was a sub-title expressive of different rhythms of life in the struggle for social justice and equality. The main title was symbolic, acting almost like a trademark. For the next 14 years he tried to work with the idea of fusion to describe his teaching, performance, research, and experiments in dance and ended up with the firm conviction that the term, if applied descriptively is deadening to the art of dance because it eliminates the unique distinctions between the various forms and the individuals and cultural groups that created them. He realized that justice and equality required both contradistinction and interrelatedness in the teaching and performance of the various forms to realize the aims of cultural and artistic diversity. Choreography can be homogeneous or heterogeneous as it had been for centuries and as diverse as it may have to be to meet the peoples artistic demands in the 21st century but that should not be confused with fusion as far as the independent sources of choreography is concerned.
Then in 1980, over twenty years ago, Dr. Fogarassy (then using the name Varga) started promoting his diversity research and innovation under the trademarks Fusion and Fusion Dance and Dancefusion over the pages of this Fusion DanceŽTM Cultural Guard Newsletter. This was separate from the official State University curriculum and display advertisements until it could be included there too. While in his own newsletter he could spread the news about his new trademarks far and wide, offering courses and experiences under his trademarks at the university had far reaching programmatic implications that the university leadership and the chancelor's office and the state university board frankly was not prepared for and needed much time to consider. Therefore, the academic use had to be without displaying the registration symbol in course titles and had to be done gradually over several years first under such Fogarassy innovated logos and trade names as "The Varga Method," "Smashing" or "Breaking the Style Barrier," and "Universal Dance," "Global Dance," then "Jazz-Ballet," and then the trade and service marks Fusion, Jazz-Ballet Fusion and finally Fusion Dance, (Stage) Dance Fusion, and Dancefusion. Naturally, Dr. Fogarassy was given full academic freedom to explain to students and other members of the academic community what his trademarks were all about. Nevertheless, it took time for such bold trade and service marks as the fusion ones registered by Dr. Fogarassy for dance -- revolutionizing dance education and entertainment -- to be generally accepted for these purposes locally, nationally and internationally. These decades of effort received a tremendous new boost by Fogarassy's establishment in 1998 of VIRTUAL UNIVERSITY OF DANCEŽSM operating in association with DancefusionŽ/GLOBALMOVES Company and School and other FOGARASSY DANCE company names such as GLOBALDANCE, UNIVERSAL DANCE, DIVERSIFIED DANCE, TRENSCENDANCE and yet others that may be used in the future.

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